Lets get one thing out there…demographic scholars may place me into the millennial generation, defined by their high level of comfort with technology, but I do NOT in anyway consider myself a digitally literate individual.  In fact, this whole blog thing is about a week old to me.  Thanks to the very basic chapter, What’s a Blog, found in, Essential Blogging, I am beginning to understand the essence of blogging is about writing “ what I want, when I want, how I want and [iterating] towards the truth rather than exhaustively researching it.” 

I will be honest, I am having a difficult time finding my “blog-style” voice.  I had no idea I was functioning from such an uptight, controlled, filtered, and restrained, perspective.  When APA format, proper argumentation, and rhetorical theory have been drilled into you for years, it seems like a crime to allow your writing to become so…well conversational.  The entire class, Intro the Digital Age, is about learning how technology is turning a lecture style form of communication into a real, honest, and natural conversation…so Ready or Not here I BLOG.  Bippity Boppity Blog is my attempt to release my VOICE into the blogging world.