So I was asked assigned to start a Twitter account.  Of course, I’ve heard of the platform from friends and on the news, but I really had no interest.  My life already seemed unmanageable with online news feeds to organize, email,  facebook…etc.  I thought to myself, can I really handle another account?  Then again, it didn’t matter, I was forced to “adopt.”

Dare I say, (and I apologize to all the Twitters, Tweeters out there) Im failing to understand it.  Recently, I found the courage to admit my lack of enthusiasm to very few…in response I usually get a slight eye-brow raise, a pause, and then…”but it’s like 140 word blog, it’s in real time, it’s great to keep in contact with people, it’s more than Facebook status updates, it’s…it’s great Domin…just give it a chance! And with the search feature…it’s just great!!”  Ok, I dont disagree with all of this, I really don’t, but still…

There is all this controversy over Google and Twitter (I would provide some links, but honestly, it would take up my whole page).  Basically, most people are saying that  if Google fails to buy Twitter, they don’t get it, and if they sell it, they could be part of the future direction of the web. I admire Twitter for giving Google a run for it – Google falls behind in its posting of current news items and apparently Twitter does rely on major traditional news sources who provide more than just simple 140 character eye witness posts and quickly posted photographs.  Hey, I even agree Google should be concerned with Twitter’s influence on the future the internet and not think of it as a “poor man’s email.” But still…

Bottom line – even if I don’t quite get the hoopla about Twitter, shame on me, and it is about time I try and understand it, BECAUSE the term ‘twittering’ is probably going to become the next “googling.” 

And hey I’m totally open to hearing what you have to say (really, I am!!  I am very curious).  Tell me why Twitter is so important to you and what you use it for!!!