Alrighty so, YES it is my birthday today…and YES I do appreciate everyone’s Bday wishes…and YES I do admit I am a bit cinical about pretty much everything, especially the politics of FACEBOOK, but come on!

I don’t want people to misinterpret what I am about to say.  If its one person who likes to see that little red box in the lower right hand side of my facebook page fill up with numbers…its me, HOWEVER….I really dont want people to feel obligated to wish me a happy birthday.  I think its simply ironic that the people who FB me – I either havent seen in years, or were mere acquaintances.  Its as if we have this unwritten rule – #1 check the handy-dandy FB calendar #2 post something like Happy B-day, I love you!! Hope you have a great celebration…etc #3 feel good that we are keeping in contact with all our 600+ friends.  Hey even facebook sends me a little Bday wish. picture-31

Dont get me wrong, like I said…its great to sign on this morning and have like lots of things to read on my wall, BUT it still astounds me to realize how the digital age, Facebook and other social networking sites have truly redefined our sense of connection, our relationships, our friendships, and our ability to keep in contact with everyone.  The politics of Facebook stretches well beyond the scope of this post, but I wanted to hear some insight from you guys.  What does it mean to have 600+ friends, probably about 40 of which you are truly friends with? What are the long-term implications of never being able to lose contact (potentially)?  How will our (millenials’) future relationships look like compared to our parents who don’t use online social networking sites?  Has peer pressure reached an all time high – we feel obligated to send a Bday wish to someone we saw about 19 years ago or to accept every friend request we receive?  I admit, its not that big of a deal…it is what it is…its navigating life in the digital age…but it sure is “interesting.”