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As you all know my research this term is about how people Cope with HIV/AIDS in the Digital Age. I have networked with several organizations and very helpful people, as well as found some articles on Internet-based prevention programs…etc.

Interestingly, much of the correspondence is peer-to-professional and not peer-to-peer. When I first began this process, I really wanted to gain insight into how social networks and developing sites like Twitter were opening up new venues for people to talk to each other. It just so happens, according to Eric Krock, who receives several thousand emails through his great video prevention program,, people mostly want professional or medical advice.  Similarly,, who launched a series focusing on social networking sites, also show themes of peer-to-professional communication.  Carleen Hawn, also provides evidence that although social networking sites are giving doctors the opportunity to engage more fully with their patients, conversation remains peer-to-professional.

Don’t worry, I’m not giving up…I will continue to search around for, and ask people about peer-to-peer dialogue concerning HIV/AIDS.

 I still wonder if the “youth” Twitter makes researching and monitoring conversation difficult.  

Furthermore, will these micro-blogging sites, and other SNS change communication patterns with those living with HIV/AIDS?  

Until next time…happy researching!!!